Which is the road to Slumberland,
And when does the baby go?
The road lies straight through mother's arms,
When the sun is sinking low;
She goes by the drowsy "Land of Nod,
" To the music of "Lullaby,"
When all wee lambs are safe in the fold, Under the evening sky.
Two little tired satiny feet From the shoe and the stocking free,
Two little palms together pressed At the patient mother's knee,
Some baby words that are drowsily lisped In the tender Shepherd's ear,
And a kiss that only a mother can place On the brow of her baby dear.
And close and closer the heavy lids Are hiding the baby eyes,
As over the road to Slumberland The dear little trav'ler hies;
And this is the way, through mother's arms,
The precious darlings go To the beautiful city of Slumberland,
When the sun is sinking low.